"The Drop The Mic Tour" & MissTrudyTV

MissTrudyTV is Miss Trudy's effort to serve as a bridge between the old school and the new school (generations), as well as the traditional old format media and today's digital "new media". With the tour ("The Drop The Mic Tour"), Miss Haynes will essentially take MissTrudyTV and travel the country covering news, stories and events, participating in new wild adventures, interviewing the subjects from the past one last time, and interviewing today's personalities for the 1st time while bringing the traditions and experiences from the past into the new media of today's digital age, demonstrating professionalism, elegance and style while being an inspiration to the current and next generation of journalist, all while "passing the mic" along the way, and showing the "young bucks" that she is still a boss, on top of her game and STILL is Trudy Haynes.

Once her mission is complete, Miss Haynes intends to retire for good, "drop the mic" on her terms, and enjoy life as a full time wife, mentor and philanthropist. Essentially with The Tour and through MissTrudyTV, Trudy Haynes is going to live her best life, with a microphone and a cameraperson.