More Miss Trudy

There's much to see in the world of Miss Trudy that may not be directly a part of The Campaign, but is part of The Miss Trudy Universe, so we will share those goodies with you here!

The Trudy Haynes Show

The Trudy Haynes Show is a long running program produced at The PhillyCam Studios in Philadelphia. The show is another piece of the overall Trudy Haynes brand.  Check out one of the latest editions of The Trudy Haynes Show below. For more episodes, please visit PhillyCam's website at 

The Tea Events

"Tea with Trudy", while not a formal component of The Campaign, is a part of the Trudy Haynes brand, and is an informal series of "teas" bringing a mix of people together to network, fellowship and, drink tea--for a cause. Proceeds of The Teas are used for various fundraising efforts in sync with The Trudy Haynes Foundation's directives. The Teas are a series of formal and informal "tea functions", where the guests join Miss Haynes and her special co-hosts (celebrities, businesspeople, news makers, athletes, business people, etc.) as they drink tea, enjoy 'tea snacks', network and then adjourn to a Q & A during an intimate, wonderful social affair, all to benefit The Trudy Haynes Foundation.

The Tea events are classy catered events hosted at local intimate venues, and provides an opportunity for the host venue and the caterer to present themselves to the participants, but also to a wider audience outside of the event itself, as the events are heavily promoted pre-event, filmed during the event, and shared with the public post event not only through our vast online network, but also as a commercial locally placed on networks such as BET, OWN and others.

Miss Trudy loves tea, so it is only fitting that she have her own brand of tea. Miss Trudy Tea will be just that-- specialized tea created specifically for The Trudy Haynes Legacy, sold to the public, with 100% of the proceeds donated to The Trudy Haynes Foundation.