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The Trudy Haynes Legacy Campaign Transparency Statement


The Trudy Haynes Campaign is not a non-profit. It is owned and managed by The Trudy Haynes Legacy Group, LLC. The impending Trudy Haynes Legacy Foundation, of course is a non-profit, and will be setup as a private operating foundation. The business model of the Trudy Haynes Legacy Group is to create (through The Trudy Haynes Network and strategic partnerships), the direct funding source for the Foundation to support scholarship efforts into the future, and not have to rely on the avenues a public foundation is traditionally challenged with. The PRIME objective however of The Trudy Haynes Legacy Group LLC, in legion with The Friends of Trudy, is to achieve The Campaign Platform objectives -- put Trudy Haynes on the national map, give her the send-off tour she deserves, and through the measures we take now, making sure we seal her legacy and have her name live forever.