The Trudy Haynes Legacy Campaign

History Makers. Legends. Pioneers.

There are many pioneers in world history, American history, African-American history. Just taking a look at African-American pioneers, you know many of the names, faces, and history. From Hattie McDaniel, the First African-American to win an Academy Award, to Aretha Franklin the First woman to be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, to Madame C. J. Walker the First Millionaire, to Bob Johnson The First Billionaire, to Tony Dungy, Condoleezza Rice, Halle Berry, Colin Powell, Jackie Robinson, many others and of course Barack Obama -- All the 1st African-Americans to break barriors in their fields.

You Know Their Names...

You know these amazing women and what they do. But did you know who was the FIRST? The one that started it all? A pioneer like all the others above, and the trailblazer that laid the path for the amazing African-American female reporters and talents you see on TV today? Of course you don't...

And THAT is why The Friends of Trudy and The Trudy Haynes Legacy Group have come together to launch The Trudy Haynes Legacy Campaign!

Welcome To The Trudy Haynes Legacy Campaign

The Trudy Haynes Legacy Campaign is designed to do 3 things:

1) Putting Trudy Haynes on The National Map. Introducing a living icon to the nation. 

2) Give Trudy Haynes the send off she has earned and deserves.

3) Make sure the name of Trudy Haynes lives forever.

Trudy Haynes is one of the country's first female reporters. She is actually the nation's first black female TV reporter and the nation's 1st African-American TV weather reporter. She started reporting in 1963 in Detroit, but made her name in Philadelphia starting in 1965 as a reporter for KYW-3.  

In her prime, she interviewed tons of celebrities, the movers and shakers, including a few Presidents and even Dr. Martin Luther King (twice).  She has a long esteemed history, many high profile interviews and awards, including 2 Lifetime Achievement Awards, as well as an Emmy. 

At 91 years old, Miss Haynes has stayed active, but is now ready to finally kick back and just enjoy life as a full-time wife, a mentor and a philanthropist. So, with the campaign she is launching MissTrudyTV, and coming out of retirement for "one last hurrah", going around the country interviewing for the last time, the people from the past that she interviewed back in the day, and 

for the first time, the newsmakers, movers and shakers and celebrities of today on her “Drop The Mic Tour”, with sponsorships from the tour being used to help seal her legacy by funding 

scholarships at community colleges and HBCUs across the country. 

Along with those scholarships, comes a microphone and internship attached to it, forming the Trudy Haynes Legacy Reporters, giving real world application experiences to journalism and communications majors all over the country and hopefully finding the next Trudy Haynes.

The “Drop The Mic Tour”, along with the impending Trudy Haynes Foundation and her Legacy Reporters, will make sure the whole country knows who Philly’s very own Trudy Haynes is, sends her out on top, and seals her legacy, making sure her name lives forever (The Campaign's Official 3 Point Platform).

The driving force behind The Campaign is the Friends of Trudy and The Trudy Haynes Legacy Group 

LLC, working together to achieve the 3 Point Platform objective, and getting Trudy Haynes 'elected' as an official legend, cemented as part of American and African-American history (while she is still here to smell her well earned and deserved roses).

Trudy Haynes' story may be history (the past), but her history is now 'the story', and that story is being used to frame a narrative to build a new brand, make an impact and seal her legacy.

Please navigate the site to learn more about The Trudy Haynes Campaign. 

On behalf of Miss Trudy Haynes, 

Thank you!

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Miss Cartoon Trudy Explains The Legacy Campaign

Who Is Trudy Haynes?

Take a look at this footage from the MLK Day Celebration hosted at Nazarene Baptist Church in North Philadelphia. One of the church members conducted an interview in front of a captive, engaged, enthusiastic audience. It gives you a pretty good idea of who Trudy Haynes is!

No Doubt Miss Trudy. You Look Like A Lamborghini!

A little taste of MissTrudyTV -- and the impending "Drop The Mic Tour" -- Interviews and adventures with Miss Trudy. Basically, Miss Trudy living life and cutting up -- with a microphone and a cameraperson. 

Be Part Of History.

Miss Trudy interviewed just about every big name back in the day, but now she is looking to interview all the big names of today. Is that YOU? Well, if so just hastag #interviewmemisstrudy on your social media.

Who Should I Talk To?

Miss Trudy has a "hit list" of people she interviewed before and wants to do one last time, AND the current movers and shakers, celebs and news makers that she has not yet had the chance. Her knowledge of who is who in today's culture is limited, so we need YOUR help. Tell us who the absolutely positively, "no way in the world she can't not interview this person, before she hangs up the mic forever"  people are.

The Hit List

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She Is STILL On Top Of Her Game!

The Ed Bradley Mural Dedication covered by Trudy Haynes. Check out the MissTrudyTV channel on YouTube for more.  

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Let's Make This Happen!

The Friends of Trudy are the driving force behind the campaign. Join the Friends of Trudy Facebook Group and chip in your ideas, and just get in wherever you can fit in.  Become a Legacy Sponsor, or contribute to the GoFundMe. Visit the Support Page to get involved whichever way you desire!

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