The Trudy Haynes Legacy Campaign

The Trudy Haynes Legacy Campaign

The Trudy Haynes Legacy CampaignThe Trudy Haynes Legacy CampaignThe Trudy Haynes Legacy Campaign

History Makers. Legends. Pioneers.


There are many pioneers in world history, American history, African-American history. Just taking a look at African-American pioneers, you know many of the names, faces, and history. From Hattie McDaniel, the First African-American to win an Academy Award, to Aretha Franklin the First woman to be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, to Madame C. J. Walker the First Millionaire, to Bob Johnson The First Billionaire, to Tony Dungy, Condoleezza Rice, Halle Berry, Colin Powell, Jackie Robinson, many others and of course Barack Obama -- All the 1st African-Americans to break barriors in their fields.


You Know Their Names...

You know these amazing women and what they do. But did you know who was the FIRST? The one that started it all? A pioneer like all the others above, and the trailblazer that laid the path for the amazing African-American female reporters and talents you see on TV today? Of course you don't...

"It's About Time..."

Living History: Trudy Haynes

It's about time the country knows who the Jackie Robinson of the microphone is. An American icon and media pioneer who just so happens to be the nation's first black female TV reporter, and also by happenstance, the nation's 1st African-American TV weather reporter. She started reporting in 1963 in Detroit, but made her name in Philadelphia starting in 1965 as a reporter for KYW-3. She has a long esteemed history, many high profile interviews and awards, including 2 Lifetime Achievement Awards, as well as an Emmy. However, outside the city of Philadelphia very few know what her groundbreaking and historic contribution to the industry is. They don't even know that she exists, let alone her name. Her name is Trudy Haynes -- a name not currently known by the general public, nor the legions of media personalities who followed in her footsteps. That is about to change. If you hold a bat, you should know Jackie Robinson, likewise if you hold a microphone, you should know Trudy Haynes.